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Any town or city with a university will have several letting agencies offering student accommodation such as http://readingstudentaccommodation.com to those who will be living away from home to complete their studies. But how do you know which agencies are the best in the area, and which are perhaps not quite upto the required standard? Well when it comes to student properties the law and Unipol set out some pretty strict guidelines that all landlords and letting agencies have to adhere to in order to let properties to students. You should only ever rent from a reputable agency that follows these guidelines rigidly. Most regulations are related to health and safety and insist that a property is up to a certain standard before it can be let. This covers the general condition of the property as well as the facilities that are provided within the student accommodation.

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A quick google search will reveal a list of local agencies that provide student accommodation that meets the required standards. But this is not the only thing you need to look for when you need the services of a letting agency. How they treat you as a customer and also how they treat their landlords is also really important. You need to feel able to approach them when you have problem within the property and feel confident they will know what to do and sort it out. They will all claim to offer great service but you never really know until a problem arrises.

Of course the best way to find an agency that not only provides good quality accommodation but also offers great service is to talk to students currently renting in the area. You need an agency that communicate well, handles queries quickly and efficiently and is upfront about the costs associated with renting from them.


Rooms for students in the united kingdom.



Rooms for students in the united kingdom.

You can find plenty of lodgings for students inside the UK. As a student, you are going to will need a spot for rest and recreation. Most of us know that as a student you cannot afford luxury accommodations. The demand for economical student places to stay is on the rise within the United Kingdom. It really is vital that long-term lodging be low-priced. Most of us want places to stay which can be reasonably priced. In the event you don’t have income, you can’t afford costly private places to stay. Most students are on a tight spending budget. Dollars is just not easy to find for students. You will discover quite a few low-priced selections inside the United Kingdom. Have you ever tried sharing accommodation with good friends? Many students prefer to reside in youth hostels inside the UK. In the event you are willing to share rooms, there are dormitories that are available for students. If you are a student in the United Kingdom, you should look for student hostels. There is absolutely no shortage of excellent places to stay for students. You possibly can even decide to live with ordinary folks. Individuals who want to rent out rooms typically permit students to rent a part of their homes. It really is easy to live with other families as you’ve the convenience of bed as well as breakfast. The most beneficial and least expensive lodging are inside the countryside. Students would find huge cities for example London to be each high priced. These cities do provide you with accommodation but is costlier. It is actually incorrect to assume that inexpensive lodging aren’t really good enough. From time to time, less expensive accommodation ms might be just as good if not far better. Rooms for students vary in availability and kind in the United Kingdom. Considering that there is rush for admission, students have to try and reserve rooms ahead of time. Since the student population is on the rise you might want to ensure that, you go in early. It’s noteworthy that students inside the United Kingdom are from several components of the world. The recent trend should be to study within the UK. English is practically an international language and this tends to make its less complicated to study in the UK. Most parents will find that they have to pay a lot alot more after they send their kids to study within the United Kingdom. If you land in the UK, the very first factor you look for is boarding and lodging. A lot of people have realized that cities similar to London offer beneficial education but that they are pricey also. It really is a hard task hunting for low cost places to stay in the UK. You cannot study as a foreign student without the need of a student visa. You can not perform inside the United Kingdom devoid of a operate permit. Students adore studying inside the UK as it includes a lot to offer you to students. For some it is actually a dream come correct once they land inside the UK as a student. You’ll find some terrific universities in the UK and getting a college degree from right here may very well be wonderful. That you are certain to seek out great employment just after completing one of your professional courses within the UK. You’ll find a lot of excellent educational institutions inside the UK. Foreign students love to study in wonderful schools and colleges inside the UK. These students seek admissions within the very best colleges in the UK. Students inside the United Kingdom understand that they have an incredible chance to realize their dreams. You are able to search online for rooms for rent within the UK. Not all universities and colleges have on campus places to stay for students.

Freedom from home


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Hi Mum, Hi Dad

It’s not that I don’t appreciate all the things my parents done for me. It is also not a case of use not getting along. But my goodness the liberation of leaving home to go to university is incredible. I absolutely love having my 100% independence. It seems for me that I thrive on this.

I am guessing that to many people can fall into a trap of becoming lazy. No need to get out of bed early so why would you. No need need to not drink every night so why wouldn’t you. But I refused to fall into this typical student lifestyle.

lazy bones

For me it all started when I got the keys to my student accommodation, on entering the property I felt motivated to give this new life a real positive pro active chance. I couldn’t wait to get my new room organized, desk set up, clothes hung up. I just wanted to make this feel like my home and space, no body else’s.

The goals I set myself to stay motivated were learning to cook nice food on a student budget. Keeping my student house nice and tidy in case people or more specificity girls want to come over. You do jot want people walking into the typical embarrassing mess that you often see in student accommodation. The best goal and a tip I would share with you all is living by an alarm.

This may sound a little OCD but I always set my alarm to wake me up. Be it 6,78 or even 9 in the morning. As soon as it rang I would get straight out of bed. To many times i have been on holiday and found myself in the trap of struggling to get out of bed so for this I decided upon using my alarm.

So how is all this going. Well, I can tell you I certainly have very tidy accommodation, a typical example of this sort of student accommodation can be found here. I choose a house that was a little smarter to help me feel more motivated to look after it. When my agents come round to inspect they never find a fault and I think it is quite refreshing for them to see a house that is looked after so this keeps any extra fines or charges out of the picture.

I am more awake for lectures and on top of my course work. This kind of organised relaxed living gives me the  chance to really let my hair down at the weekends with guilt free partying.

As for the food, well I am slowly getting there, not the best cook but its healthy and money is being saved.

beans on toast